a prayer for a family known in part

Father, I pray for the family You have in store for me. I thank You that you will and already have provided for all my needs, and the needs of a family to come. prepare me, oh God, for the task you have set before me, let my feet not stray from the path You have laid. let the house you give me be a house filled with your presence, a house of prayer. let us seek You first, in the present and future, and let me not be complacent in my preparation now.

Oh Father, let me follow Your example, as a father to my children. Full of Love and Compassion, Mercy and Grace. let me raise them up in the ways of justice and in truth, and showcase to them my love for You, so that they may desire it, and receive it from You.

Jesus, be my model as a husband. let Me Love Her as You Love Her, and desire Her as you desire your Bride. let me call Her Lovely all the days of my life; through ALL trials, call Her Beauty.

I will call Her Wonder, for she is cause for Excitement.

Let us follow your presence where ever you lead, and let the knowledge of your Loving Nature be the source of our eternal joy. In sickness and in health. 'till death do us part.