WeLL I don't normally do this and since there are two people that follow my blog, you being one of them, I have to say that I, Michael am crazy about my.... significant other, Sweetness, Beauty, "Girl Friend". Wehew!! shes Awesome. we have been dating for a month and 2 days now, and I gotta say, she is somethin else.... Inspiring, Compassionate, Loving, Captivating, Witty, Wise, Loyal, Adventuress, Real, GORGEOUS, and you should see how she dresses: ) Danae, I am glad that you are in my life, and I am looking forward to this summer: )

just wanted you to know......


as the Father has Loved Me so I have Loved you. John 15:9

SO as the Father loved Jesus, that is how He loved his apostles, and how He still loves us. God loves us as much as He loves Himself. there is no possible way that He could love anything in the universe more that Himself and in that way, and by that measurement, He loves us. He is perfect, therefore His love is perfect. He Loves us, me, perfectly just the way i am. there is nothing i could do to make Him love me more, there is nothing i could do to make Him love me less.


Changed the name of my blog.

Yes I did. because i like this better.