desire to be desired...

"The Lord your God is a jealous God, you shall have no gods before me."

so i am reading this book called captivating, and so far its really good, at capturing a picture of what i would imagine to be the heart of a woman, which, the book makes the point, is the pinnacle, the epitome, the crescendo, of God's creation.

let me say first, that i agree. : )

But it also has gotten me thinking about the different aspects of the image of God that women display, and us men may lack. That is, more specifically, the "Desire to be Desired".

When little boys play they want to be cowboys and indians, when i was a kid i wanted to play jedi vs. the sith, or other games that pertained to sword fighting. because of my insufferable pride, i always had to be the most powerful, the one who never died. as a friend recently reminded me, my favorite character to pose as was an emperor monkey, who changed into a dragon. talk about power.

But little girls (usually, not always i suppose) want to be something of a princess or a queen, and they want to play with all of their stuffed animals, who, comment continually on how beautiful she looks and is. This, displays the desire to be desired. the NEED, if you will, to be called beautiful.

in this same way, God desires to be desired by US! in fact, He wants it so much, that was the sole purpose of His entire creation! creation isn't "primarily functional, but rather it is primarily beautiful." The primary reason for creation is to showcase to us, How much God Loves US, How worthy He is of our Love, and How much He Desires our Love.

All throughout the Bible, the heart of God screams:

I LOVE YOU, look how much!

I created you, but before I created you, I created an entire world, an entire universe for you to explore, and enjoy, and marvel at!

every time you strayed from me i rescued you from your own destruction.

THEN although you hated Me for it, I sent Myself, to be thoroughly sacrificed for you, and you alone, to redeem you! and bring you back to ME!

I will be with you where ever you walk. at the furthest horizon, I will be there beside you.

SO what is wrong with ME? won't you just LOVE ME??

Love me like a Brother,
Love me like a Father,
Love me like a Lover.

For this is My Heart's Desire.