God Hates?

Love what God Loves.

this was brought to my attention today.... again. but so often i forget it. not only does the knowledge of the face of God cause us to fall head over heels for The Author of Life, but it also fuels us to love the things that God loves, like righteousness, faith, mercy; but also the least of these around us.

however, most christians, my self included, for get the other half: to Hate what God Hates. yes for some reason, many chrisitains don't even believe that such a Loving God could hate anything.

what about distortions of his creation? what about sin? its true, God HATES sin.

NOW HEAR ME: this does not mean that God hates anyone of His creation. many people get that mixed up. you know this world is fallen and the church is crippled when you have "christians" with huge grins on their face, holding up signs saying: God Hates Fags.
Beloved, that is sick. God wants us to showcase His Love to all of His creation. Not just those self righteous who look past the plank in their eye and see the speck in their brothers eye, and hate him for it.

But Beloved, we have sin in our own lives, everywhere we look. in the things we say, in the things we watch, in the way we spend ourselves. and we allow it. we say "no one is perfect." but GOD IS PERFECT. because Jesus came down from heaven and lived a sinless life, not to say "look at me, I am better then you." but to say,"Look, this is how a Loving Father desires you to live: with absolute servant hood, and humility."(I struggle with pride more then most, so this hits home for me too.) " Church, we MUST cry out, to God and beg forgiveness for years of complacency, in rooting out sin in our own lives first, and the lives of our brothers and sisters out of love for them. Then ask for help from our loving Father to destroy the sin in our lives, and then thank Him in faith, for what He is going to do in our hearts, to rescue us from ourselves.

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