well blog it has been a while. i found a notebook instead that i keep my thoughts in:) but i thought i would come back for a visit. i think the reason that i started you in the first place was because i wanted to attract a danae, which worked:), but actually i have been getting several notices saying that i should continue writing. so i shall. something that has been on my heart lately is the concept of giving people honor. i went to the glory conference a few weeks ago, and paul manwaring did a message on glory and honor, which by the way is the same thing. in fact when you give people honor you give them glory, and you both people increase. for example, if i were to tell you that you make a delightful cherry pie, you would feel affirmed in your cherry pie making abilities, and probably continue to become better and better at making cherry pie, and i would probably get to eat cherry pie more often when i came to your house. both inrease. beautiful. i think tho that it is also important to give honor where honor is due. i happen to disagree with the current president of the united states. most of his social policies are not to my liking,(especially the abortion ones), however i still think that he deserves honor for his efforts. this is a man who has spend his entire life perusing a goal he thought worthwhile. he has achieved this goal, something only 44 men in all of american history have achieved, despite the opposition, despite the color of his skin, because he thought that he could do something to change this nation in a positive way. looking at it from that perspective, you have to give him props, or honor, whatever language you so choose. just think, if we lived in a world where everyone stopped tearing down there friends and family, and the people that they see everyday, and instead gave each person the honor that was due them. "People say i am a dreamer" but just think about that. i would encourage you to give the people around you honor and glory, that they are worthy of. because that is what community really is. that is what love is. 1 Corinthians 13.

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  1. hmmm, good thoughts. gets me thinking. i like it.