WeLL I don't normally do this and since there are two people that follow my blog, you being one of them, I have to say that I, Michael am crazy about my.... significant other, Sweetness, Beauty, "Girl Friend". Wehew!! shes Awesome. we have been dating for a month and 2 days now, and I gotta say, she is somethin else.... Inspiring, Compassionate, Loving, Captivating, Witty, Wise, Loyal, Adventuress, Real, GORGEOUS, and you should see how she dresses: ) Danae, I am glad that you are in my life, and I am looking forward to this summer: )

just wanted you to know......


  1. Michael:

    You are the most amazing guy ever. Thank you so much for that. You are so encouraging, no one treats me as good as you do! I got all excited and giddy when I read it, it kinda felt like my heart was gonna burst:) Thank you for being so good to me, I am SO blessed to have you.

    And I am pumped for summer too!

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